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James Mann paints life on the farm as he sees it and has lived it.
A selection of James Mann's farm art paintings are for sale as giclee prints on 80lb., acid-free archival watercolor paper.
Each farm print is signed by the artist and numbered. Each print edition is limited to a total of 200 prints and then closed.
A giclee print is a reproduction of the original watercolor. A print is not neccessarily the same size as the original art.
A print measures approximately 9" x 12" on 11" x 14", 80lb. watercolor paper and the cost is $40.00 (USA).
Please note that the colors of any print may not exactly match the colors displayed on your monitor.
Prints are shipped flat or rolled in a tube, via the US Postal Service.
You may purchase any farm print online using PayPal and the "add to cart" button or contact James Mann directly.
Giclee prints are not inventoried. Please allow a week for printing and shipping.
Other sizes are available upon request. If you see something without a paypal button or have a question, send an email.
Please include your name, mailing address and indentify which print(s) you wish to purchase.

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July Alfalfa

Larry's Ox

Slick Barn

Cook Barn

September Soy

November Soy

November Green

July 2nd Cutting

July 2nd Cutting #2

Bucking Hay

January Corn

Verdant Highway

May Alfalfa


Winter Break

December Treeline

Ceresota Flour

2 Barns 1 Red

Emerald Wood

Baling Wisconsin

Bean/ Budd Barn

John Deere Side Hill 9500

Plymouth Rock Rooster

Giclee Prints
Giclee Prints
Giclee Prints

Giclee Prints of lighthouse paintings... Giclee Prints of the railroad...

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