architectural illustration

james mann art farm . gallery of architectural rendering . click image below for full view of original art .

Wetlands Institute

Cira Centre South

River Fields Sports

Veterinary Pair

Baker Residence

Furness Library

Penn Club

Banquet Hall

Fisher-Bennett Hall

Saint Catharine Siena

North Street Tower

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall

Lauder-Fischer Hall

Sears Tower

Andrew Jackson Hermitage

Wade House

Cincinnati Union

DSW Shoe

U. S. Vision

Annenberg School

Penn 37th & Locust

Meyerson Hall

Goddard Flight Center

1968 Legacy Garden

Shoemaker Green

Steinberg Center

Furness Library Portico

4200 Pine Street

River Fields Parking

10 Brookline Place West

50 West 57th Street

Rodin College House

Penn Club

Penn Health System

Lighting Control

... when you want an illustration of your building and a cold, computer generated rendering just won't cut it...

james mann art farm
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