Fries Rebellion . The Confrontation . "The Direct Tax of 1798 Upper Bucks" . Adams Apple Press . Acrylic on Canvas . 32" x 48"

Illustrating the confrontation at the Sign of the Red Lion tavern in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1799, between tax resistant, local residents and tax assessors.

More about Fries Rebellion

Published: Image used Language, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in the Early Republic . The Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Legacies - Citizenship in the Keystone State.

Published: Image used for the Book Cover "Fries's Rebellion . The enduring struggle for the American Revolution" by Paul Douglas Newman . Penn Press.

Published: Image used in, illustrating "Stories from PA History, Chapter 3.

Published: Image used in Howard Zinn's video project: "The People Speak" , during Josh Brolin's recitation.

Published: Image used in the book: "The Direct Tax of 1798 Upper Bucks" . by Harry C. Adams . Adams Apple Press.

A signed and numbered, limited edition of 100... 13" x 19" glicee print on 15" x 21", 140lb., watercolor paper... is available of this painting for $100.00, plus 6% PA Sales Tax, plus USPS postage & handling within the continental United States.

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