Fries Rebellion . The Confrontation . "The Direct Tax of 1798 Upper Bucks" . Adams Apple Press . Acrylic on Canvas . 32" x 48"

Illustrating the confrontation at Enoch Roberts' tavern in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1799, between tax resistant, local residents and tax assessors.

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Published: Image used Language, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in the Early Republic . The Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Legacies - Citizenship in the Keystone State.

Published: Image used Book Cover "Fries's Rebellion . The enduring struggle for the American Revolution" by Paul Douglas Newman.

Published: Image added to, illustrating "Stories from PA History, Chapter 3.

Published: Image used in Howard Zinn's video project: "The People Speak" , during Josh Brolin's recitation.

A signed and numbered, limited edition of 100... 13" x 19" glicee print on 15" x 21", 140lb., watercolor paper... is available of this painting for $100.00, plus 6% PA Sales Tax, plus USPS postage & handling within the continental United States.

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