East Point Lighthouse. New Jersey. Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... I don't know why they call this the East Point Lighthouse...
this lighthouse is located on the southwest coastline of New Jersey... on the Delaware Bay side of the state...

I painted this watercolor in 2012, a month before Hurricane Sandy hit it and pretty much gutted the natural tidal barrier of marshy land seen in the foreground. As of December 2014, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection provided $500,000 of Sandy Relief money to restore protective beach fill and dunes that were destroyed by the hurricane. In early 2018, the lighthouse was completely rehabilitated and a protective barrier dune erected between the property and the bay. In March of the same year, the barrier failed during a storm and water came very close to the front steps. The latest plan calls for a Geotube to be installed as a sub-foundation for a new dune. I do not know what the conditions are now.

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / lighthouse art > Details & Overview Here.

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