Mount Alto ALCOs . Reading Railroad . Watercolor . 8" x 12"

... The Mt Alto Coal Yard was two short blocks from my childhood home in Perkasie, Pennsylvania... which is also about the same distance we lived from the south end of the Perkasie Tunnel. Coal and ore trains rolled through there all the time... here... a pair of Reading Railroad, ALCO RS locomotives head a northbound ore drag. This is a circa 60's memory illustration, that I painted in 1974. The Reading Railroad is gone... long trains of hopper cars no longer roll through Perkasie and RDG #462 RS-3 was sold to F C Unidos del Sureste (Mexico) in 1970. I don't know why I show exhaust from the short hood. It makes no sesnse. It's offered for view here, only as a period piece.

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / railroad art.

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