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"Spencer Series" prints are illustrations developed from pencil drawings & research on site: "Streamliners at Spencer" event: May 2014.
"Bella Terra" prints are illustrations created for the "Rail U.S.A. Museums & Trips" map series: East, Central & West editions.

Lackawanna: 664-663

Pennsylvania E8: 5711

EPRY GP10: 7554

Milwaukee GE: EP-2

Fort Payne Depot

Reading FP7: Perkasie

LV C628: Snowbirds

St Charles Streetcar

EPRY: Quakertown

GM: Aerotrain

Santa Fe F7: 347C

UP: Bailey Yard

Missionary Ridge

Shay Steam

Blue Island Crossing

Burlington Silver Pilot

Eureka Springs

N&W J Class: 611

Pere Marquette: 1225

RDG: Open Hopper

Southern GP30: 2601

CNJ RS-3: 1554

Reading U30C: 6300

CN FPA-4: 6789

N&W J Class: 611
Giclee Prints
... 9" x 12" on 11" x 14", on 80lb. acid-free archival watercolor paper, of James Mann's railroad art /watercolor paintings are for sale.

Each railroad print is signed by the artist and numbered. Each print edition is limited to a total of 200 prints and then closed.
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Jim Mann has been fascinated by trains in varing degrees of intensity for most of his life. He grew up near the south portal of the Perkasie Tunnel on the
Bethlehem branch of the Readng Railroad. This interest was no doubt sparked by his mother's reactions whenever she had freshly laundered bed sheets and
clothing, hanging on a wash line to dry, and a steam locomotive approached, furiously huffing and puffing it's way north. The piercing sound of the whistle
before the train entered the tunnel... meant that his mother had about 5 minutes to pull her laundry down before cinders and fine ash, drifting overhead...
began to fall. This was all very interesting to a young lad. A few years later... Jim's father unveiled a pair of Lionel, Santa Fe, streamliner cab units in their
dazzling red & silver warbonnet livery, at the head of a short freight on a small circle of track around a Christmas Tree. From there on... Jim was hooked...

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