Quakertown Traction Company . Trolley Barn . Quakertown National Bank . Agency . MediaDynamics . Pen & Ink . 14" x 17"

... illustrated at the East Broad Street Powerhouse & Trolley Barn, circa 1898. This short line rail system ran down the center of
Broad Street from Main Street, crossing over the Reading Railroad right-of-way between N. 3rd Street and Belmont Avenue,
before continuing north on Hellertown Avenue to its terminus in Richlandtown. The Quakertown Traction Company expanded
to Perkasie in 1898, leasing the Quakertown / Perkasie right-of-way to the Lehigh Valley Transit Company, before finally being
fully absorbed by the LVT Co. in 1915. The building, converted to retail use, still stands.

A Giclee Print is available of this pen & ink drawing / railroad art.

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