Presque Isle Lighthouse . Lake Erie . Pennsylvania . Watercolor . 12" x 9"

... the Presque Isle Light was built in 1872 at the end of a 6 mile peninsula into Lake Erie and illuminated in 1873... which pretty much doomed the
the older Erie Land Lighthouse, located across the Presque Bay, to obsolescence. In 1886 a pair of stone jetties were built in front of the new light to halt
and reverse creeping erosion of the shoreline. In 1896 the light tower, originally constructed at 40 feet, was elevated another 17-1/2 feet. The light was
added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources acquired ownership in
1998 and in 2014 made plans to restore the structure, to more accurately reflect its original design and reopen the lighthouse to the public.
The building and grounds were still fenced off and posted during my visit in June of 2015.

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / lighthouse art > Details & Overview Here.

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