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Montezuma's Castle

Keller's Church

Mood's Bridge

St Mark's Church

Lehman's Pond

Bryce Canyon

Point Sublime

Mount Robson #2

Natchez Steamboat

Reading Railroad Bridge

Reading Country Club

Durham Mill

Battle Harbour Labrador

House on a Hill

Stover Myers Mill

Ephrata Cloister

Rodin's Young Elm

Rock Creek Oregon

Bovine on a Bench

JAX Beach Red Cross

Narragansett Towers

Avalon Pier

Lansdale Church

Dillingersville School

Quakertown Church

These are places I've visited and/or things I've drawn or painted in watercolor, gouache or arcylic... for one reason or another...
most of them are as they were when I saw them... a few are obvious constructions.

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