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Montezuma's Castle

Keller's Church

Mood's Bridge

St Mark's Church

Lehman's Pond

Bryce Canyon

Point Sublime

Mount Robson #2

Avalon Pier

Reading Railroad Bridge

Reading Country Club

Durham Mill

Battle Harbour Labrador

House on a Hill

Stover Myers Mill

Ephrata Cloister

Rodin's Young Elm

Rock Creek Oregon

Bovine on a Bench

JAX Beach Red Cross

Narragansett Towers

Trumbauersville School

Lansdale Church

Dillingersville School

Quakertown Church

These are places I've visited and things I've drawn or painted in watercolor, gouache or arcylic... for one reason or another...
most of them are as they were when I saw them... a few are obvious constructions.

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