Pointe-au-Pere Lighthouse . Rimouski . Gaspe Peninsula . Quebec . Canada . Watercolor . 12" x 9"

... this is an interesting light tower. It was designed by Henri de Miffonis in 1909 and in my mind... resembles, in appearance, an early science fiction rocket ship ready for liftoff. It is a 108 foot tall, concrete cylinder braced with eight flying butress type wings. It is the 3rd lighthouse to stand at Rimouski, replacing earlier wooden structures. There are two more light towers like it in Canada, one is on Lake Superior on Caribou Island and one on Vancouver Island, BC. The older 1867 keeper's house still stands adjacent. The Royal Canadian Navy submarine "HMCS Onondaga", commissioned 1967, is in semi-dry dock display nearby at the Pointe-au-Pere Maritime Museum.

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