Grosse Point Light Station . Evanston, Illinois . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... the Grosse Point Light Station, designed by Orlando Metcalf Poe in 1872, was activated with a Second order Fresnel lens in 1874. The 113 foot tall tower and lighthouse sit on the east coast of Illinois on Lake Michigan, locating an area of hazardous shoals a few miles north of the Chicago harbor. The light was extinguished and decommissioned by the Coast Guard in 1941 and given to the City of Evanston with the condition that the Federal Government could resume ownership if a need should arise. In 1946 it was relit and presently operates as a secondary class beacon. It is maintained and operated by the Lighthouse Park District of Evanston. The Grosse Point Lighthouse was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

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